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Get a free quote today with Mo Engineers. All you have to do is submit your computer-aided design (CAD) drawings or PDF files, and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

We understand in some situations; blueprints sizes are large. If this is your case, don't worry; just include your email address and a Dropbox or Google Drive URL with sharing access in the location box and submit it to us. This assists our architect in viewing the plans correctly without any problems and allows you to get your quotes within 12 to 24 hours.

All plans provided to Mo Engineers are fully confidential, and privacy is respected for all clients. They will only be used as collaterals to complete your project.

If your file size exceeds 20MB, please provide the download URL here.

About Us

MO Engineers is an Orlando-based masonry and takeoff estimation company offering a range of services, from general estimating through our highly skilled blueprint reading team to providing our clients with a comprehensive list of materials.

About Us

residential construction Masonry cost estimator

Our Mission

To provide an accurate and cost effective 3D rendering and masonry estimator service to all clients through our team of commercial building experts.

Masonry cost estimate calculator

Our Plan

To provide a realistic visualization of the scale and size of the project along with an in-depth review of the total costs.

house building Masonry cost estimator

Our Vision

To ensure our clients have all the information they require to move forward with their future masonry projects through simple and clean presentations.


MO Engineers offer a range of professional estimating services in the construction industry. We cover everything, whether you want one of our estimators to review a takeoff plan or need advice regarding materials. No job is too big for us.

Masonry Estimation

Our takeoff 3D process gives both the client and the contractor an accurate estimation of the total cost of the masonry project to put both parties at ease before the construction process.

Exterior Rendering

We design 3D exterior renderings from CAD plans, drafts, and pictures, using our image database and the environment to produce the most realistic visual representation.

Interior Rendering

We design 3D interior renderings from CAD plans, drafts, and pictures, using our image database and the environment to produce the most realistic visual representation.


From our 3D rendering projects; we build a realistic representation of the construction site to give clients a virtual tour of their future structures.


Your project will be integrated into a real-time interactive picture, allowing you to see everything with a 360 degrees view.


We have a strong team of Computer Aided Design experts that will elevate the design, drafting, and quality of all construction image documentation.

Sample Project

To understand the extent of our services, see our live samples of past projects completed for our clients.

3D Images Color Code Report Material Report Crew Report Total


Our ever-growing client base is directly related to the accuracy of our delivery.







Mo Engineers Work Flow




The client sends us the specifications of their project through email.



We carry out the masonry estimation process, establish the costs, and provide clients with a project delivery date.




We receive an email confirmation from the client to begin the project.



We send a registered estimator to the project site.




Our estimator studies the site and materials and completes the takeoff.

Quality Audit

Quality Audit

We allocate one of our senior estimators to analyze the audit before we send it to our client.

Quality Audit



The estimation is sent back to our client; they revise it, make any requested changes, and send it back to us.



Our estimator reviews the changes and makes some adaptations of their own to suit both parties.




We send the final amendments to the client with all the necessary documents.

The Final Stages

The Final Stages

We complete the accurate report with the final pieces of information to ensure you win the bid.

The Final Stages

The Final


To receive a price estimate from us, follow the steps below.

  • Provide us with your home blueprints to send to our masonry cost estimator for review.
  • Notify us about the range of your project.

Turnaround times vary from project to project, as some are much more complex than others. We'll be able to give you a rough estimate upon submission of your blueprints, as it depends on our order volume at the time.

If you need any information regarding your quote in the meantime, you can contact us.

Our masonry estimating program follows a simple operation that suits both parties.

Here's what to expect.

  • You'll send us your blueprint through email in a PDF file with information from the cited source.
  • Our masonry building estimator team will analyze the requested house blueprints to give you a better idea of the costs involved.
  • We contact our selected suppliers to get a quote for raw materials and add any additional costs to the final takeoff, e.g., transport, etc.
  • Once the final takeoff is determined, we'll send you the final price for you to decide.

Our masonry takeoff covers an extensive list of materials, including stone masonry, concrete, brickwork, plaster works, masonry flashing, masonry restoration, architectural precast estimation, labor costs, and more.

To ensure the highest quality and standard of each masonry building quote, MO Engineers works on a structured process. Everything is taken into account by our professional team before giving our clients the final cost estimate. This includes concrete fillings, foundation materials, delivery costs, brick types, mortar thickness, and more.

You can contact our team if you're unsure that our takeoff won't include the materials you need.

MO Engineers accept ACH, Wire, PayPal, Zelle and cheque payments.


Our masonry prices are produced through our estimator calculator, which designs prices from the costs and quality of our services to provide affordable solutions to our clients.

Masonry Estimating Services


Our masonry calculator gives you an estimate of the cost of building your project.

Material Size Units
Brick Type
Estimated Total Cost:
Price $
Material Type Qty Price
Mortar Bags
Cement Ybs
Optionally Enter the Price Per Cubic Yard:

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