About Us

Our Enterprise

Move Offshore Pvt Ltd was created in 2001 to help Small to Medium Businesses to find new customers by outsourcing a part or their Marketing and Sales. Move Offshore founders are Marketing and Sales professionals that acquired experiences in American and European companies. Involved in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business since 1999, they started Move Offshore in Chicago (IL) and created their 100% owned offshore structure in Chennai (India) to make American and European companies benefit from their experience. Managed by American and European expatriates, Move Offshore also offers Masonry Estimation and Architectural Rendering Services to its customers a high quality output at lower costs.

Our Objectives

We offer Masonry Estimation and Architectural Services designed to meet the specific needs of each client. We plan to achieve clearly defined objectives in a cost-effective and expedient way. Our aim is to Expand your company to opportunities it would struggle to find time on its own. We will open you new doors and opportunities, while leveraging your firm. At the same time you will receive concise and regular reporting so you can always assess your Masonry Estimation and Architectural Services.

Our solutions

Our solutions result in enhanced revenues at lower costs by operating from India. With our Operations based in Chennai, we will provide low cost and qualified Engineering Services working 24/7. As a part of our overall solution, we also employ our advanced hiring, training and scheduling systems to ensure that you have the optimum level of executives to meet your sales. We will hire and train the staff in-house as if it they were your own employees.

Our Philosophy

By managing part of your Estimation and Architectral Services, we accept a common responsibility for the future. We do so by providing high quality, low cost, responsive and reliable outsourcing services. Our Engineering expertise coupled with our employees' competency are the engine that maximizes our service and cost performance. We are focused on gaining your trust by constantly satisfying your current and future needs. There is no higher priority than your satisfaction.

HR values

We have Sufficient number of highly skilled Engineers working with us in our Indian operations. We treat our employee right and offer them an excellent package to keep their knowledge and experience in house. Valuing workforce is critical to us, to provide you with the best services.