Estimation Services

Move Offshore has a group of experienced Estimators in Masonry (Div 4). Over the past 4years, we have estimated over 500 projects across USA.

We use sophisticated software like Tradesmens software - Master Estimator to do estimation.

Move Offshore Impact :

• Improve your chances while bidding for projects

• Improve accuracy as you have a professional decade long experienced estimation team with you

• Arrive estimation on time as you have larger team working extended hours offshore

• Economical - you can save upto 50% of your cost in estimation when you use Move Offshore team

• State of the Art Technolgy to show your Masonry Structure in 3D

Why choosing the Move Offshore Group for your Estimation?

• To take advantage of your low rates : up to 50% cheaper than in the US

• Because we are working 24/7

• To benefit from our professionalism and our know-how

• For our flexibility: use our services only when you need it

How does it work? :

• You will be sharing the documents by email and within 12hours, our engineers will contact you with more questions.

• Working with us is as simple as one of your employees working from home.

• We are available over the phone and email 24x7.

See Samples: Estimation Samples

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