Bidding In Construction

bidding in construction

Bidding is a huge part of the construction process and can be challenging when navigating it on your own without any experience. Between being compliant with regulations and working around cost estimation hurdles, it tends to even stress out professionals like ourselves.

Whether you’re a job owner looking to open your project up to the market or a contractor eager to secure your first assignment, Mo Engineers is available to offer support.

Learn More About Bidding In Construction

bidding in construction

Our team of experts has put together these articles to assist you in the bidding procedure and give insight into one of the most difficult parts of the masonry estimation industry.

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What Is Bidding In Construction?

bidding in construction

In construction, the bidding process is the phase when a project owner releases their job for contractors to bid on, each hoping to secure the project for their own company. All interested parties will submit their bids by the set deadline, and the job owner and bid manager will choose a successful candidate.

The Main Types Of Bids In Construction

bidding in construction

Across the construction industry, there are three main types of bids, which include:

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