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Computer Aided Design (CAD) – What Is It And The Benefits?

What Is Computer Aided Design?

computer aided design

Computer aided design is the computer software we use to develop 2D and 3D visual projections and illustrations to show our clients what their future projects will look like before they decide to start the construction process.

Sometimes CAD is also referred to as CADD, which stands for computer aided design and drafting.


What Are The Different Types Of Computer Aided Design?

While the two main computer aided design types are 2D and 3D, these can be split into more complex sub-categories.

Computer Aided Design Categories

  • 2D and 3D computer aided design with technical drawings – Used to give clients the correct shape and dimensions of the chosen area through illustrations with and without tools.
  • 2.5 computer aided design – A medium version of 2D and 3D computer aided design to create prismatic models.
  • Computer aided design with neutral file formats – Permits sharing between different software.
  • Computer aided design with native formats – The most precise form of CAD.

How Do We Use Computer Aided Design?

We use computer assisted drawings to bring our client’s projects to life by designing and visualizing building layouts, model structures, and floor plans.

Utilizing computer-aided designs allows us to trial a selection of configurations and make any necessary so our clients get the best possible representation of how their project will look.

What Computer Aided Design Tools Do We Use?

There is a wide range of computer aided design tools that we use that cater to specific types of projects.

The Tools

What Are The Advantages Of Computer Aided Design?

  • Accuracy – One main benefit computer aided designs provide is improved accuracy. With the help of geometric constraints and modern measurement instruments, each project is forced to follow strict dimensions, leaving no room for error.
  • Faster workflow – Every project is completed rapidly due to how advanced our CAD system is.
  • Easier to work with clients – Since the files produced are completely digital, it allows us to send them back and forward to our clients without having to meet up in person with them all the time.
  • Simple changes – If your clients would like to change a certain aspect of their design, we can do so without starting the whole project over again.

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