(Last Updated On: November 5, 2023)

What Is Exterior Rendering?

exterior rendering

Exterior rendering is an operation where an outdoor wall is covered with a certain type of mixture like cement to protect different materials from cracking or eroding in the future.

Many people will get some type of exterior rendering work done to their home at some point so the outer wall doesn’t get damaged in the future.


What Are The Benefits Of Exterior Rendering Your Home?

Exterior rendering comes with many benefits that will save you a lot of money down the road.

These include –

  • Allow the exterior wall to be able to withstand extensive damage and be able to repel high levels of water.
  • Strengthens the exterior wall from receiving cracks.
  • Improves fire resistance.
  • Gives your home a modern look.
  • Highers the house’s market value if you were to sell it in the future.

What Types Of Exterior Rendering Are There?

There are a few different types of exterior building renderings that we carry out, whether it’s residential or commercial. These come in different layouts like digital static images, dynamic 3D animations, and virtual reality solutions to show the client what they should expect upon job completion.

Why Do Mo Engineers Use Exterior Renderings?

We use exterior 3D architectural renderings to give our clients a realistic representation of what their project will look like when it’s complete.

How Do Mo Engineers Use Exterior Renderings?

We carry out an analysis of the project site’s environment and work from CAD plans, drafts, and images through our database to create a 3D exterior rendering.

How Much Does Exterior Rendering Cost?

Before taking the next step for your outdoor rendering project, you will want to know how much it will cost.

The short answer is that every outside rendering project is different, as several factors influence the price.

See them below.

  • The wall size.
  • Climate conditions.
  • The state of the wall.
  • How easy it is to access the site.
  • How long will it take for the project to be carried out?
  • The materials required for the job.
  • Special requests from the client, e.g., certain cement.

How Long Does External House Rendering Take?

Similar to costs, every exterior rendering visualization project is different, and the time it takes depends on how many renders are needed and the intricacy of the project.

The average project completion time is roughly one week, but we will always contact our clients to give them updates throughout the process.

Why Choose Mo Engineers For Rendering The Outside Of Your House?

  • Fast turnaround.
  • Professional service.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Constant communication.
  • Experienced team of renders who have helped hundreds of clients in Florida and throughout the US.
  • Affordability.
  • One of the best external rendering companies in America.
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