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A Guide To Material Takeoff Services

material take off services

Material takeoff, sometimes referred to as an MTO, is essential to every successful construction and engineering project. The process is vital in accurately estimating the quantities of raw materials needed for each job by evaluating key 3D technical drawings and blueprints.

Here at Mo Engineers, we have put together an in-depth guide to show our clients what material takeoff services are, their intricacies, and their purposes in construction so they have a better idea of their role in our work.


What Is A Material Takeoff?

A material takeoff is the starting point for every construction and engineering project. Estimating companies use them to gauge the approximate quantities and types of raw materials required for a job, including building materials, equipment, manpower, and any other items specific to the assignment.

How Does Material Takeoffs Work In Estimating?

Most quantity and cost estimation takeoffs generally adhere to a similar process, although some will have their particular requirements. 

How Takeoffs Typically Operate

  • To begin, we will carefully examine the project documentation, including architectural drawings and engineering plans, to thoroughly understand the project’s extent and requirements.
  • Next, our estimators meticulously identify the materials needed for each specific aspect of the project, as well as any necessary equipment, fittings, and any other items.
  • Afterward, we must determine the quantity of materials by carefully measuring dimensions and making informed estimates based on the project drawings.
  • Once we have obtained the measurements and quantities, we will conduct a cost estimate for each material. This entails considering prevailing market prices, establishing relationships with specific suppliers, and considering any associated shipping costs.
  • Lastly, we prepare a comprehensive material report sheet that contains all the relevant details for effective project planning. This report is then shared with the appropriate stakeholders, including contractors, managers, and architects, ensuring everyone can access the necessary information so your construction project runs smoothly.

How Accurate Are Material Takeoffs?

Material takeoffs can yield effective results when conducted accurately and by abiding by rigorous guidelines. 

Mo Engineers adhere to the following principles for each project to ensure reliable outcomes.

  • We emphasize the importance of maintaining great attention to detail throughout the entire takeoff process.
  • We utilize appropriate software to accurately establish measurements for each material.
  • Our team undergoes extensive training to comprehensively understand building regulations and industry standards.
  • We are dedicated to delivering a professional and personalized service to our clients.
  • We take measures to ensure that all sourced materials meet specific quality standards.

Why Do Construction Estimators Use Material Takeoffs?

By creating a comprehensive material takeoff list that includes accurate quantities and specifications, we use it as a valuable tool for future project planning, cost estimation, procurement, and scheduling purposes. 

Furthermore, it aids our estimators in establishing an overall budget and gaining clarity on the precise material quantities required for ordering from suppliers.

How Mo Engineers Can Help You

Are you in need of a reliable company to handle the takeoff process for your construction project, bringing it to fruition? Look no further and contact Mo Engineers today to initiate the next steps.

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