Material Take-Offs In Masonry Estimation

Our material take-off services are crafted to revolutionalize our client’s construction projects. At Mo Engineers, we have an exclusive team of professionals that know how important take-offs are and their role in ensuring a job is completed with full accuracy.

From modern-day technology to advanced systems, our material take-offs save clients money and time and pave the way to 100% job success.

Learn More About Material Take-offs In Construction 

Before making any important decisions about your job, you should brush up on your knowledge of the material take-off estimating process so you understand exactly where your money is going and the hard work that goes into building plans.

Read through some of our informative articles about material take-offs today.

Maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and optimize all the resources you can to ensure your project turns out the way you want it.

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What Are Material Take-Offs?

A material take-off is one of a construction project’s most important aspects. It’s when an estimator calculates the required material quantities (concrete, steel, and lumber) needed for a job based on drawings, specifications, and computer-aided designs (CAD).

Watch the video below for a full explanation.

Types Of Material Take Offs

Two types of material take-offs are used today in construction: manual take-offs and digital take-offs.

Manual take-offs are a traditional method of estimation involving an individual carrying out the process by analyzing blueprints and drawings based on their own knowledge and expertise.

Digital take-offs are the most popular form of material quantity calculation. The materials needed for a project are measured using computing software and digital tools such as 3D Take-offs, Building Information Take-offs (BIM), and Cloud-based take-offs.

See below for their specifications.

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