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What Is A Construction Takeoff? – An Explanation From An Expert

what is a construction takeoff

Takeoffs are an important feature of every construction project. Without them, estimating the costs of a job would be difficult.

If you’re a newcomer to the building sector, you’ll need to know what a takeoff is in construction to gather accurate cost estimates for all aspects of the venture so you can manage your budget correctly.

We have put together this in-depth guide to give you an explanation of takeoffs in construction so you know their importance before you proceed to the next stage of your plan.


Takeoffs In Construction – A Brief Overview Of What They Are

The takeoff procedure in construction is when a masonry estimator is hired to establish the number of materials and human resources required to complete the project successfully. 

There are several reasons why we do quantity takeoffs, like cost estimating; they assist with procurement and bidding and are a great way to allocate resources correctly, saving a lot of time down the road.

How To Do A Construction Takeoff

Before we start on this point, it must be stressed that construction takeoffs should be carried out by a professional estimator, like Mo Engineers. Expert knowledge ensures accurate cost projections, and you’ll be working with someone who understands the industry’s intricacies, giving you a foot ahead of your competitors.

The two main methods of doing a quantity takeoff are manually and digitally. Both have their pros and cons, but since the introduction of modern technology, digital takeoffs are a level above manual takeoffs regarding accuracy. The main reason for this is that everything is automated rather than depending on a person who may or may not make an error by accident, potentially screwing up the project.

The Types Of Takeoffs

What Are Manual Takeoffs?

A masonry estimator does a manual takeoff using 3D drawings provided by the client. It’s an old-school method, but some companies still carry them out.

The estimator will create a copy of the drawings and manually measure all the dimensions to calculate the final costs. Unfortunately, the big downside to this is if there’s one mistake, it can have a massive impact on the final price. Additionally, it may be detrimental to the project’s outcome, hence why a lot of people have some reservations about this method.

What Are Digital Takeoffs?

A masonry estimator performs digital takeoff using computerized software like STACK, Planswift, or Square Takeoff.

To get started, the estimator will upload the computer-aided designs (CAD) onto the chosen system, click on the dimensions they would like to measure, and then they’ll be provided with the exact measurements.

It’s a super easy quantity takeoff service that Mo Engineers provides to its customers, and the turnaround time is only a couple of days.

Which Takeoff Method Is Better?

Digital takeoff programs provide more accuracy than manual takeoffs, leaving less room for mistakes. 

Unless you know for sure that the company that’s carrying out a manual takeoff for you has a high success rate, we recommend you avoid them as it will only cost you more money down the road.

Why You Should Use A Digital Masonry Estimator

It’s no secret that digital takeoffs are better than manual takeoffs, but why? Let’s look.

They’re accurate – The computerized software used for digital takeoffs is designed to give exact measurements of all dimensions put into the system. Whereas when a person is doing it, you’re relying on them not to make any mistakes, which can easily be done.

Quick delivery time – Conducting a digital takeoff is only a matter of putting the drawings into the system and receiving the measurements within a few minutes. For manual takeoffs, they can take hours, and if the estimator slips up in one area, they might have to restart the whole thing.

Easily adaptable – Digital takeoff software comes with a range of features that allow the estimator to adapt certain elements to suit the project. For example, say you weren’t happy with the first estimate and wanted to change some things to try to bring the cost down; the estimator wouldn’t have to redo the whole thing; they could just change the selected element based on your preferences.

Cost Effective – As there’s less work involved in digital takeoffs than manual takeoffs, they’re usually cheaper to get done, bringing down the overall costs of your project.

What Costs Are Determined Through A Takeoff?

Takeoffs cover all aspects of a project, from building supplies to equipment.

Let’s take a look at a full list of what’s included in a takeoff.

  • The quantities of building materials (e.g., concrete, timber).
  • The labor required for each aspect of the job (e.g., electricians, plasterers).
  • The machinery needed for the construction side of things (e.g., cement mixers, diggers).
  • The cost of transporting the goods from A to B.
  • Any wastages the many incur during the building process.
  • Any costs that may arise when construction starts (e.g., extra materials).

Finding The Right Masonry Estimation Company To Help You With Your Takeoff

Now you know what a takeoff is in construction, it’s time to select a masonry estimation company to help you with your material takeoff.

Mo Engineers provides a professional masonry estimation service. Our team is located in Orlando, Florida, but we’re not limited to one state. We serve customers nationwide across the USA; whether you’re in Alaska or Hawaii, we’re here to help you.

Our takeoff solutions are completely digital, using the best construction estimating software, so you’re in safe hands when you work with us.

To get started, you just need to click on a Contact Us Page and provide us with your full name, phone number, email, and design drawings. Within one day, you’ll receive a free quote from one of our team members. It’s that simple.

You can see a video demonstration of the whole procedure below. It goes through the step-by-step process to help our customers get their free quotes.

What’s holding you back? Start planning out your project now.

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